Ways To Donate To Saint Anne

Weekly, Biweekly, and Monthly Contributions

As always, thank you for your generosity during these challenging economic times. Below is a list that you might find useful as a guideline for giving this holiday season and in the year ahead.

Electronic Giving—Give Central
This is an online giving site for Saint Anne Parishioners to participate in weekly/monthly giving or give a one-time donation using a credit card or direct debit. Payments can be charged to or debited from your account on a specific date and frequency. We accept most major credit cards.

• Please visit www.givecentral.com to set up your contributions or use the following QR code:

• You can also go to the Saint Anne website and tap on Donate to set up this form of donation. This option gives us weekly stability of our contributions. You are more than welcome to call the parish offices and we can set you up on this form of giving.

Saint Anne Catholic Community offers both weekly and monthly envelopes for cash/check contributions that are mailed to your home. In addition, these packets offer envelopes for the Archdiocese of Chicago second collections.

Additional Ways to Contribute Financially both Now and at Year-End
The standard deduction may have been increased, making it less likely that charitable gifts will be itemized, but there are still many ways to make a tax-advantaged gift to the Parish.

Matching Gifts
If you are an employee or retiree of a company with a matching gift program, you can designate that a matching gift be given to the parish. Ask your employer if they participate in such a program.

Gifts from IRA Accounts
For donors 70-1/2 or older, gifts up to $100,000 can be made directly from an IRA account. These gifts not only count toward meeting minimum required distributions, they are not subject to income tax and can lower a donor’s total income.

Gifts of Stock
Gifts of appreciated stock are among the best ways to give, since those gifts are not subject to capital gains tax, saving you up to 20% on your gift.

If you have any questions, please contact Margaret Buckstaff in the parish office, at 847.620.3054.
We are grateful for your commitment and generosity to Saint Anne Catholic Community throughout the year.


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