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We believe that our Sharing Program makes the Gospel vision of love real through effective action. The Sharing Program provides a concrete way of expressing this vision by:

  • Sharing our faith,
  • Building bridges through friendship and understanding,
  • Sharing financial resources, food, clothing and ourselves.
  • Involving the Parish members more directly in outreach activities.


A Tradition of Sharing

Parish Sharing is an archdiocesan-wide program that seeks to build bridges between communities separated by race, ethnicity, culture and economic disparity. Parishes of differing backgrounds are linked as sharing parishes, with the hope that each will strengthen the other through the sharing of faith and resources.

Saint Anne has participated in Parish Sharing since its inception. Saint Anneʹs Sharing Parish is St. Mary Frances of the Five Wounds of Jesus. This is the parish resulting from the merger of St. Frances of Rome (in Cicero),  and St. Mary of Celle (in Berwyn). Both worship sites remain open. The parish school is in Cicero and remains known as St. Frances of Rome. As of July 1, 2022, the new Pastor of St. Mary Frances is Fr. Radek Jaszczuk, CSsR, who is originally from Poland. A member of the Redemptorist Order, Fr. Radek spent many years in Argentina before coming to the United States.

At Saint Anne, the Sharing Board oversees the Parish Sharing program. Members of the Sharing Board keep in close contact with our Sharing Parish, St. Mary Francis of the Five Wounds of Jesus, as well as another sharing partner: St. Moses the Black Food Pantry (formerly the Saint Columbanus Food Pantry.)

Funds received from the “Gold Envelopes” or “Parish Sharing Envelopes” and electronic donations collected every month via Give Central are directed to the needs of our sharing partners. The Sharing Board also looks for ways to build and strengthen ties between our different communities.

The Sharing Board has many ongoing activities throughout the year to support our Sharing Partners. These include the Sharing Tree, held during Advent, which benefits both of our partners, as well as food drives for St. Moses the Black Food Pantry and school activities for the students of Saint Anne and St. Frances. There are many ways to get involved! We welcome anyone who is interested in learning more about what we do to come to one of our monthly meetings or contact our chairperson, Bill Sneed at

2023-24 Sharing Board Members

Staff Advisor & Animator
Mary Ellen Johnston

Chairperson and St. Mary Frances Liaison
Bill Sneed

St. Frances of Rome School Liaison
Eryka Accordino

St. Moses the Black Food Pantry Liaison
Peggy Hirsch

Food Drive Coordinator
Cali Bergold

Shannon DeBruyne

Rachel Kuna

Bill Kesler

Tony Ciganek

Corresponding Secretary
Claire Hamilton

Kathy Pescheret

Publicity Co-chair
Holly Madden

Sharing Tree
Lisa Koehler

Human Concerns Commission Rep.
Bill Sneed

Members at Large:
Bob Powers

Mike Fitzgerald


We are able to support our Sharing Partners through YOUR contributions. There are two ways to donate:

• Contributions through the Sharing Envelope (pictured)

• Electronic contributions via Give Central, which automatically contribute via bank debit or credit card.


EDUCATE students of families in need by providing tuition assistance to our Sharing Parish school, St. Frances of Rome, in Cicero while supporting our shared faith relationship.

FEED the hungry working poor families on the south side of Chicago via the St. Moses the Black Food Pantry.


On March 6, the St. Frances of Rome School community gathered to hear the exciting news that it will NOT close at the end of this school year, as it had previously been announced. This news comes after Big Shoulders Fund, the Archdiocese of Chicago, the parish of St. Frances of Rome School and Saint Anne Catholic Community, the school’s sharing parish, rallied to provide the funds needed to keep the school in operation for at least the next five years. Sharing Board chairperson Bill Sneed was there to represent the Saint Anne Catholic Community and Sharing Board.

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