Saint Anne Guys’ Group

Committed to servant leadership and the spiritual and social needs
of the men of Saint Anne Catholic Community


Saint Anne Guys’ Group (STAGG) is committed to men’s Christian fellowship through spiritual growth, social interaction and service outreach, following the example set by Christ’s apostles.

Guiding Principles:  

The men of STAGG are offered the occasion to assist the church in service, support, charity, fellowship, and unity.

  1. Form spiritual, social and cultural bonds within the membership of STAGG.
  2. Establish communication between the membership, leverage members’ unique talents and time, and provide opportunities for spiritual enrichment and growth.
  3. Enhance the Saint Anne Community through acts of stewardship:
    1. Perform hands-on outreach that assists others in the parish (can be in cooperation with other parish organizations), community, sister-parish community and Chicago-land area at large, with the outcome of providing onsite help, support and guidance to those in need.
    2. Help organize and/or support fundraising efforts for the parish and/or school needs.
  4. Establish four or more events to foster spiritual and social relationships, commitment and community engagement.
  5. Promote other Saint Anne Catholic Community organizations as additional opportunities / ways for the men of STAGG to become further engaged in the parish.

A Look Ahead to Events and Activities

  • First Quarter Spiritual Event: Guest Speaker with Breakfast
  • Second Quarter Servant Leadership Event: Volunteer Opportunity or Community Outreach
  • Third Quarter Social Event: Outing/Gathering
  • Fourth Quarter Community Event: Community Cafe Brunch

Leadership Team
Fr. Bernie Pietrzak, Chaplain
Daniel Hass
Dan Krucek
Bill Graff
Ty Ball
Tom O’Neill emeritus


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