Middle School Journey

Middle-school years bring special and unique perspectives to faith formation and require a different approach to engage adolescents.  Journey gives participants the opportunity to belong and establish a Catholic identity within the context of small faith groups within the larger Saint Anne community.  

Youth participating in Journey spend time exploring Scripture and Tradition, praying together, and partaking in community service projects.  Small groups are led by adults in homes and meet weekly, except during school breaks or Holy days, with large-group events typically meeting at Saint Anne.  This program can seamlessly move between in-person and online formats should social restrictions fluctuate throughout the year.

At the beginning of each program year, all registered Journey participants are provided with information on small group leaders, meeting places and times.  They will then be invited to choose groups that they would like to join.  In order to provide the best possible experience for the participants, individual small group size is limited.

Volunteer Needs

Adults are essential to teach and share our Catholic faith with the youth of our parish.  Committed adults who love children and are willing to share their love of God are encouraged to serve.  Small group leaders work in teams of two and are welcome and encouraged to share the work in ways that are best for them.  Both leaders should be present when working with the children.  Leaders are provided all of the necessary materials including session plans, a Catholic Faith Handbook and a Breakthrough Bible. 

Commitment:  A training session prior to the beginning of the start of the program; 90 minutes weekly during scheduled session weeks plus pre-planning and preparation as needed to execute each session well; and a willingness to participate and share in on-going catechist dialogue and formation.

Adult volunteers working with children are required to fulfill all Protecting God’s Children components, including attending a safe environment program (VIRTUS) and completing a background check, prior to beginning their work.

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