Bereavement Ministry

Bereavement Ministers
Trained Bereavement Ministers assist our priests in providing grieving families with prayerful support and are responsible for planning the Mass of Christian Burial at  Saint Anne Catholic Community. Bereavement Ministers bring a caring presence and help families understand the rituals that are used by the Church when a member of the Body of Christ dies. Bereavement Ministers are involved with family interviews, visitations, funeral and memorial Masses and committal services. They provide spiritual support, prayer, guidance and resources to families, and assist with the selection of meaningful readings, music and prayers for the funeral Mass. Every effort is made to arrange a sacred liturgy that is a fitting memorial for the deceased and is a comfort to the family. Bereavement Ministers are required to attend an Archdiocese of Chicago training program and are assigned to a funeral Mass on a rotating basis.

Bereavement Servers
Servers play an important role at Saint Anne by assisting the priest so that the funeral Mass is conducted with grace and reverence. They light the candles, carry the processional candles and cross, assist with the gifts, prepare the incense, and perform a variety of other tasks during the liturgy. Bereavement Servers are assigned to a funeral Mass on a rotating basis.

Ushers warmly welcome all to our church with compassion, care and respect.  To new visitors, they are the first impression of our community.  Ushers help seat guests, distribute worship aids, assist with the pall and holy water, and guide guests during Communion.  They are assigned on a rotating basis.

Resurrection Choir
Music ministry is an integral part of worship at Saint Anne under the leadership of Rory Cooney, Director of Liturgy and Music. There is mutual support as each person lends a voice to the song and encourages others in the congregation to do likewise. If you feel you are being called to serve the Lord through music, please consider raising your voice through sung prayer at funeral Masses. The selection of hymns is sent to choir members in advance of the Mass. New members are always welcome.

For more information or to volunteer in any of these areas, please contact: Mary Ellen Johnston, Director of Care Ministries: 773-456-6664 or

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