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We join the Night Ministry and other youths in reaching out to the less fortunate by serving soup and sandwiches to those who are homeless and those on the verge of homelessness in the South Shore (71st and Jeffrey) area of Chicago.

The 2020-2021 schedule for making food and serving soup is as follows: Please check back mid-September for 2020-2021 dates. Thank you!

South Shore – Wednesdays • 4:00 p.m. to approximately 8:45 p.m.

  • Six teens and two adult chaperones/drivers can attend each trip

For more information, contact Kim Burns at or 847.345.6441.

Adult volunteers working with children must be in full compliance with all Protecting God’s Children components, including attending VIRTUS training prior to beginning their work.

To MAKE SANDWICHES or DONATE OTHER FOOD such as fruit, chips and desserts, contact Kim Burns at or 847.345.6441.

To MAKE SOUP, please contact Frances Connorat

One form of outreach to the less fortunate is our trips to Chicago to serve soup and sandwiches to Chicago’s homeless, people on the verge of homelessness and those in need of food assistance.  In conjunction with “The Night Ministry” — a group organized to build relationships with these people and empower them to meet their own needs —we travel 10 nights during the fall and winters months into the Back of the Yards and South Shore areas of Chicago.

The Night Ministry’s “Health Outreach Bus” travels the area every single night offering assistance to the homeless of all ages.  The bus offers everything from medical assistance and clothing to a warm place to sit for a while and talk.  The bus also offers a “Curbside Soup Kitchen” which serves a hot soup meal to the people who come for help.  Each night they ask organizations from all over the Chicago land area to help by providing soup and volunteers to help serve the meals.

Volunteer Needs:

Volunteers are needed for each soup supper trip to cook soup, to provide sandwiches, fruit and desserts, and to travel to the city to serve.  For each trip, 10 gallons of soup is typically provided by four volunteers who make 2.5 gallons each. Number of ministers needed: 4 soup makers per trip, 2 adult chaperones per trip, 6 teen servers per trip, as many food donations as possible with the goal being about 200 sandwiches for each trip plus fruit and desserts.

Skills and resources required: Good cooks! (Soup recipes and thermal containers are provided). Ability to drive the Saint Anne van to the city with the volunteers and food, willingness to brave sometimes inclement weather and cold to serve those who otherwise may not get a hot meal, a warm heart and caring approach to those who will be served, and the ability to keep an eye on six teens to make sure they are safe and secure.

Length of Term/Expectations: Soup suppers happen 10 evenings during the fall and winter months, on Wednesdays.  The group meets at Saint Anne at 4:15 p.m. to travel to the city and stays until the food is gone (usually returning to Barrington by 9:15 p.m.).  Soup and food donations should arrive at Saint Anne by 4:00 p.m.

Please note that all adult volunteers who are working with children are required to fulfill all Protecting God’s Children components including attending a safe environment program (VIRTUS).

2019-20 SOUP SUPPERS Interest Form-For both student and adult volunteers

2019-20 SOUP SUPPERS Parental/Guardian Permission Form-For student volunteers

Adult Health and Emergency Contact Information Form-For adult volunteers

Questions? Please contact Kim Burns at

Amy Hodson – Director, Youth Ministry

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