Legacy of Faith

Thank you all for your ongoing support of the Legacy of Faith campaign. The many projects supported by Legacy of Faith will create a more inviting and updated place of worship and fellowship for our community!

  • If you made a payment toward your pledge in the last tax year, you will receive a tax receipt for 2022.  The campaign administration office has been experiencing delays due to the holidays, but you will receive it in due course.   
  • If you would like to change the credit card used to make your pledge payments, if your card has expired, or if you would like to change the form in which you are making your payments (credit card, personal check, GiveCentral, etc.), for Legacy of Faith, please call the campaign administration office of the Archdiocese at 312-534-8500.
  • If your home address has changed since you made your pledge, please contact the campaign administration office of the Archdiocese at 312-534-8500. We want to be sure that you receive your 2022 tax receipt in a timely manner.
  • Unless a donor is fulfilling his or her pledge with automatic payments on GiveCentral, the donor should be receiving paper reminders of payments in accordance with the schedule specified by the donor. 

If you would like to make a donation to Legacy of Faith or have a question about a notice of payment, a tax receipt for a gift made in 2022, or any other matter relating to Legacy of Faith, please contact Andrea Wirt, Director of Communications, at 847-382-5300 or LegacyofFaith@stannebarrington.org.  Thank you for your generosity!

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